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NoMad is a linux distribution.
The main (gui) setup scripts are being completely re-written. In the middle of this rewriting, we also had the idea that people like ourselves, and I'm sure a few of you, would like to be able to just edit some sort of text file and then be able to run the installation straight through with no additional questions. Adding this functionality to the main installation is going to take a little extra time. However, in the meantime I wrote a config file based setup that will work for a CD or local partition type installation. As a result, we're going to start burning a few CDs.

The regular installation isn't very hard (when it's completed). I'd say it's somewhere between Slackware and Red Hat. You have to know a few things before installing, but that's true with anything. NoMad can be installed over nfs, ftp, a local harddrive, or even CD if you're lucky enough to have one of the 6 or so in existence. Actually, NoMad isn't being nfs exported right now (we want a more permanent location for that), but everything else works great.

NoMad installation files
NoMad FTP site
Help for New Linux Users This is just something I made a long time ago. I don't claim it to be any good or even accurate, but someone might find it useful.