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NoMad is a linux distribution.
What is NoMad?
NoMad is a linux distribution based on the encap package managing system for ease of installation and upgrades.

What possessed you to create yet another distribution of linux?
None of the other ones provided exactly what we wanted. I feel that the Red Hat file system is a bit messy and Slackware was horrible if you ever wanted to uninstall software. Aside from that it's pretty fun and a great learning experience. It's also nice to give something back to the Linux community.

What does NoMad stand for?
Well, for awhile there we were getting kinda aggravated with other distributions. It's kinda a small joke that NoMad "won't make you mad."

Which compiler does NoMad use?
Right now NoMad uses gcc-2.7. There is an encap of pgcc, but we don't have the time or space to compile and store two copies of everything.

Which libs does NoMad use?
Libc5. Maybe when someone starts paying us for our developement time we'll make a glibc version. :)

Can I get NoMad on CD?
Awhile back we burned a few copies of NoMad onto CD, but we don't have any more spares. If you're really interested in getting NoMad on CD, let me know and keep watching the web site. You never know when we might get our hands on a burner again.

Why is it and not
That was a slight mistake when our domain was registered. It doesn't really make a difference as far as we're concerned.