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Update: NoMad Linux 2.0 is on the way. It will include glibc-2.1.1, and the latest gnome. We are looking for people to write installation and configuration tools. Look for a snapshot of the latest _rootfs-2.x, and glibc encap packages at

NoMad is a linux distribution based on the encap package managing system for ease of installation and upgrades. NoMad's main purpose is to keep it's creators happy and give them something to do in their free time. More and more, we see NoMad as the distribution for the scientists/engineers/geeks that know what the want and don't want anything else.

We follow the filesystem standard as closely as possible. NoMad's base filesystem is pretty small at just over 10.5megs uncompressed. This includes everything that is required for the machine to boot up and that's about it. The rest (with the exception of X-windows) is handled with encap packages, making it rather simple to upgrade. Chances are, once you install NoMad, you'll never have to re-install from scratch again. (Xfree86 is an additional 26meg or so uncompressed.)

NoMad first came about in spring of 1997. During the following summer is when the project really began to take shape. Most major modifications take place when we're not busy with classes and exams.